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TV Comedy About a Serious Subject

There’s an episode of The Golden Girls about what happens when there’s a break-in at the house.  In it, Blanche (Rue McClanahan) is upset by the loss of the jewelry that she kept in a flower pot.  By the end of the episode, she realizes that she hasn’t really lost the jewelry-because she was actually keeping it in a brown paper bag in the freezer.  Blanche doesn’t consider these places unusual for stashing her valuables.  People can be rather creative when it comes to hiding the things they don’t want ripped off.

Other Clever Places to Hide Your Stuff

One woman hid her lottery winnings in the canvas stretchers of a painting.  And other clever places to stash things have includedÂ…

1.    Under drawers

2.    Behind clocks

3.    Under lamps

4.    Under the bottom edges of doors

5.    Inside flashlights

6.    Inside pens

There are all sorts of these, and they’re sneaky and often ingenious.  However, if you really want extra security and are willing to spend a bit of money on it, there’s always the option of safes for home valuables.

Home Safes Are Ideal for Certain Items

There are things you should consider storing in a home safe.  Safes, which can be fireproof, are good for your Social Security card, your passport, your insurance policies, and legal documents including your will and power of attorney.  They’re also great for old photos and negatives, stamp collections, and emergency money. 

For extra protection, put these items into re-sealable plastic bags before slipping them in the safe.  Look for a safe with a 350-degree fire rating just to be sure your valuables won’t go up in smoke if there’s a fire.

safes for home valuables

You don’t need to be as creative as Blanche on The Golden Girls about secretly storing precious items.  But the security measure of a home safe is good for your peace of mind.