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Why Aeration is So Important for Lakes

Fish and other organisms in a lake need to have oxygen and other gases in the water in order to breathe properly. Normally, we don’t think of fish as “breathing,” but more as just “absorbing.” Well, it does not work that way. Fish and plants in the water do need to get the oxygen, nitrogen and other gases from the water. They still use a form of respiration for this. It all requires proper aeration. At any rate, it you want the water to look good, it is going to be important to aerate.

How is this process done? There are a few different ways for this to be done but the best is to use a fountain. This will involve some mechanics for sure. The way aeration pumps for lakes work is by pumping in air and water, oxygenating the water, then putting it back out into the lake. So, if you want to aerate a pond or small lake in the best way, you should get a good fountain, designed specifically for this purpose.

aeration pumps for lakes

Basically, man-made lakes and ponds do not have the proper capacity to keep the water filled with enough oxygen to support the life-forms and to hold back bad algae growth. Parasitic algae thrive on low-oxygen conditions and have the ability to kill an entire lake in a short period of time.

If you make sure the aeration fountain or fountains you have are the best on the market, you can rest easy knowing that your lake or pond will be sufficiently taken care of for the duration of time you have them. There are some great pumps for fountains which can deal with many thousands of gallons of water at a time. This makes it easy for a single device to work on larger lakes, up to a point.